Abercynafon Farm, Brecon Beacons

Our environment policy

Abercynafon farm barn is a converted stone barn that offers accommodation to groups of people who might be visiting or using the local area for leisure purposes. Many of the groups partake of the outdoor activities on offer in the area, others use it solely as a venue for partying. Almost all guests arrive by car, as there is no local public transport directly to the property.

While recognising that Abercynafon farm has a minimal impact on the environment, the owners Rhiannon Davies and Nick Willson continue to strive to maintain and continually improve on this position.

This will be achieved by:

• Recycling and composting as much as possible to save natural resources, save energy, reduce the need for landfill and reduce the cost of disposal. This includes making things easy for our guests to do the same while staying.

• Minimising the amount of energy consumed and carbon dioxide produced.

• Ensuring that all relevant environmental legislation is complied with.

• Minimising the use of freshwater across all activities to save money and time spent on purifying water and reduce pressure on water abstraction sites, and consequently habitat destruction.

• Providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy the natural environment in a way that has the minimum impact and reduces the use of the car and fuel consumption.

• Ensuring most of our cleaning materials are biodegradable or guaranteed to have the minimum impact on the environment. We do use some less eco-friendly products as experience has taught us that our guests demand cleanliness above all other considerations.

• Ensuring our lighting is mainly low energy to reduce power consumption. Outside lighting has been designed to minimize light pollution.

• Creating our own micro hydropower scheme, powered by the stream that runs close to the farmhouse, providing all the electricity for the farm and barn.

In aspiring to the above we hope to minimise the risk of pollution to the environment.